शाम का वो ढलता सूरज ,

वो धुंधलाता-सा आसमान

gumगुम होती सी ये मद्धम किरणें,

और कुछ डूबते से अरमान ,

उन ठंडी बेज़ार हवाओं में

जब दीप न कोई जल पाए

दो आँखों की उस चमक से बस,

सारा अँधियारा छंट जाए …

हाँ, कुछ ऐसा ही है जीवन ये…

दिन छुपे या चाहे साँझ ढले ,इसे तो चलते जाना है, हाँ ,

कभी है दूर मंजिल, तो कभी न पास ठिकाना है ,

पर ऐसा है ये जीवन कि , यहाँ बस चलते जाना है …


जाड़े की उस शीत लहर में

धुआं धुआं सा हर ओर समा

सुबह सवेरे या शाम सहर में

रास्तों का ना कोई निशां

दिशाओं के इस भंवर में जब ,

कोई राह न जाते बन पाए ,

एक बढे हुए उस हाथ से बस,

फिर सारा रास्ता कट जाये

थाम लो उस हाथ को बस फिर

सारा कोहरा छंट जाए …

हाँ , कुछ ऐसा ही है जीवन ये , बस आगे बढते जाना है ,

हाथों में हैं हाथ कभी , कभी अकेले चलते जाना है ,

ऐसा ही है जीवन ये , रुकना न चलते जाना है …


बर्फीला वो मौसम जब,

सब शून्य सा स्थिर हो जाता है

हवा , पानी और ज़मीन क्या ,

दिल भी पत्थर हो जाता है ,

सख्त हुए हालातों को , उन जमे हुए जज्बातों को

एक प्यार भरा स्पर्श मात्र ,गर्मी से पिघला जाता है ,

उस ख़ामोशी के शोर में ,

गर्म हवा सा सहला जाता है , हाँ , जीवन ये चलता जाता है …

चाहे खुशी मिले या गम, हर हाल में ढलता जाता है ,

जीवन ये चलता जाता है …


रास्तों में है अँधेरा घना

या फिर खुद की ही हैं आँखें बंद ?

राह है लंबी अंतहीन

या खुद की ही है चाल मंद ?

क्यों न जान पाता कभी ये मन

क्यों होती ये दुविधा ये उलझन

जो पाता देख  स्वयं के पार

तो जान पाता, क्या है यह

बंधन, या खुद का ही विकार

आसमान से बरसी धुंध

या नयनों की ही है ज्योति भंग ?

है भीड़ बहुत इन राहों में

या खुद का ही ह्रदय है तंग?

कैसी अजब ये प्रश्नों की भूलभुलैया है

राह में है ठोकर कभी कभी अँधेरा विकराल है

उलझनों का जाल बुनते ये अंतहीन सवाल हैं

कौन दिखाए राह..न जाने कौन खिवैया है

ऐसी अजब यह प्रश्नों की भूलभुलैया है

है राह काँटों भरी पथरीली

या नाज़ुक हैं अपनी ही एड़ियाँ  ?

हैं सफर में मुश्किलें अनेक

या खुद ही बाँधी हैं ये बेड़ियाँ ?

जो है अभीष्ट..जो है कामना

जाऊं उस पथ पर  करूँ कैसे सामना

उस धुंध का..उस अन्धकार का

पथरीली राहों से एड़ियाँ में पड़ती दरार का


असंभव है रुकना चलना है अविराम

देरी है बस कुछ पल की ..

फिर होगी मेरी उड़ान ….



May be the pillars of success

The prelude to glory

The storm before rain

But for all they are

All they give and all they cause

An incessant and torturous pain



Might be the test of strength

An exercise of endurance

A check of belief

But for all its values

All it torments and all it pursues

Is an indefinable and unbearable grief



Could be the times of testing

A reason of sharing

An occasion to remember the divine

But for all its reasons

All it evokes and all it provokes

Is the flow of waters saline


If for all the good things that I treasure

I get them all in equal measures

(Fear-pain and grief)

Why be I right? Why be I good?

Why shall I seek righteousness

and why not pleasure?


Solitude, Loneliness

Out of the window, beyond my room

An emptiness persists, and hints of gloom

The gold of sun and silver of moon

The dry leaves and branches sewn

And the rest with me in this cocoon

Tell me oh! And how they croon

Wake up O! It’s not yet doom.


It’s not yet doom

Though you might be alone

Devoid of a companion, and to darkness prone

With all the wilds and waters flown

Too lost, insignificant and oblivious to the known,


Not gullible by this giant altitude

You might be lonely

But this ain’t no Solitude!



Solitude, is not just

the absence of people to have around

to share the vices and virtues profound


The lack of memories worth a mound

Which ease the pain and soothe the wound

The doors of heart whose echo pound

Such a silence without a sound

Of times spent sans no gratitude

That, my friend, is what they call Solitude.


I am lonely, but not solitary

Yet know not, how to make merry

Staring in the emptiness and lose my gaze

State of a calm, blurring into daze.

For all I have are waters white

Heaving on eyelids, the noon sunlight

Craving for a flicker , the silent night

All I wait is, end be soon

And all they tell me,

O! It’s not yet doom.

How are you ?

The other day

After an eternity, or was it a June and a may?

Like a long lost drop of stale dew

Came her message, out of the blue

The words were simple and O-so-few

… How are you?


Staring at the words do dark and clear

The music of raindrops I could hear

From the days when me and her were there

Which today I don’t know was exactly where

When she were what I saw everywhere

Confessions she had of her own share

Yet when I said it guess it wasn’t fair


She hadn’t looked at me that way

And her heart rested somewhere far away

Then what for those glimpses and times at day

When I was the one come what problem may

And with me in bright sun or clouds grey

Then things she said would never say

I could never forget, are here to stay.


Of selfishness, and calculating

Misinterpretation and self pleading

Of childishness and inappropriating

She seemed to know me pretty well

Hiding it all in the heart of a shell

But why would she ask if already knew

Oh so very well, How are you ?


In the rarity of peace

In the silence of loneliness

There lies a noise

There lies a chaos

Of the could haves

Of the what ifs

From futile imaginations

Of juvenile considerations

Spiraling into misty realms

Comparisons of reality and dreams

That sinking feeling,  And realizations

Of  How could I , and trivializations

That craving desire, and infatuation

To turn the needles back

To undo what is done

And escape the dark despair of restlessness

But Alas! And so says the righteousness

There never is a time there never is a land

Where all things right and virtues stand

That past is a ghost and future is a phobia

And there is a reason its called utopia…!

I Want…

I just want to be Right

That’s my only desire

Is it too utopian a sight?

Or are we the puppets of Satan?


I only want to be Just

Sans the ridicule of being gullible

Sad, the fetters of crime and lust

Or are we the captives of devil?


I want not to be Rude

Amidst the flares of angst

And emotions so crude

Or are we the paragons of anger?


I want to be Fearless

With other lives threaded to mine

Is it leisurely to have a spine?

Or are we the fabricators of excuses?


I want to be just Me

Alas! The imperfections the infirmity

The masks of vanity

The cause of keeping the threads entire

The hoards of multiple and fake attire

How can I be just me

And tread the path of ol’ good morality

When my world and its threads

Pull me to the bound infinity

Where rule greed and deception spree

Tell me, how can I forget my frailty

And just be Me..


Before I Met You…

Before I met you..

I never believed ..never understood..

How two different people with different mood..

Could be with each other forever…

What was love…

I could not decipher .

What is being near..yet craving..

How feelings are not always true to saying..

That love is actually mostly pain..

Gives severe losses for each gain.


Before I met you..

I did not believe that true love existed

For a while ,though my heart persisted..

I refused to believe , chose to detest ..

But after a hundred nights of unrest ..

And a thousand days of restlessness

It did occur to me..

Could it be the feeling..which is the sacredness?


Before I met you…

I had never felt such a pain..

Yet I want to talk to you..and see you again…and again..

I’d never know how did it sprout..

But you are all and everything I can think about..

If it wasn’t for you ..I’d never have known..

The wait..the desire..the yearning,the extent to which they’ve grown


Before I met you..

I had never believed ..there could be someone..

Who could be my everyone..

Never realized when this feeling grew..

But today..i’m compelled to say..

You’re the only one..and I love you…

All I have is Hope…

All I Have Is Hope…

Sans a pinch of salt

Neither I blame nor resent you

You’re not the one at fault

You’re the one

The source of my strength, The master of my wisdom

Albeit little it might be

Yet again its thee

The hurdle of my flights

The misfit, imperfect of a guide

Or else why?

Once while on my way

My feet waver and thoughts stray

Ample though I may resist

The temptations never cease to exist

The wants, desires still persist

A pure heart, a noble soul

Aren’t the most of what success consists?

Yet I trust you

You’re the one who gave me life

You’re the one who makes me strive

You’re the cause why I survive

The deeper I fathom, I realize


You are Almighty, you’re just

Right will be the end, if it must

Says the belief which holds my crust

Amidst the troubles, to life I cope


All I Have Is Hope…..




Love Will Find a Way…

Have I found you.. Or is it an illusion ?

Ah..the hazy maze of love…

Still they say…

Love Will Find a Way..

Have I loved you..Or is it a fascination ?

The turmoils of this heart..

Tell me..what does it say…

Still I  wish..

Love Will Find a Way..

Have I known you..Or is it a hallucination ?

Can’t feel my mind..I can’t see your thoughts..

Love is blind , they say…

Still I hope…

Love Will Find a Way..

Have I lost you..Or is it a delusion..

Where are you…I plea..

My heart can feel..but eyes don’t see..

Sometimes joy…mostly dismay..

Still I know…

Love Will Find a Way…


Why couldn’t it have been simple ?

Like just you; and just me; and us ..alone

But alas..its less affirms and more nay..

Still..I pray..

Love Will Find a Way…!!!