Finally, he broke open the cage and was free, so to say.

For quite some time now, he was caged. He was a prisoner, and used to being one now. The memories of different times had faded away with time, or were covered with layers of the feeling of being tied. He used to be sad often, he felt. It must have been sadness only, that feeling of nothingness, of waiting for some unknown respite, dreaming of the state when he would fly freely and there would be no restrictions. There were a few happy moments though, such as thinking of freedom; planning of things to do when he would be free; how things would be different from now; how he will be able to do anything he wanted and how there will be no feeling of discontent but only of satisfaction. His time was spent talking to his co-slaves, discussing the pitiable state they were in and abusing and cursing the master. Together, they would dream of the free world, of what freedom must feel like and what they would like to do with it.

Finally, he broke open the cage and was free, so to say.

It was a different feeling, a new one. He had the full sky and a limitless world ahead of him. It did feel odd, not being told what to do, having all options open and having to make a choice. He remembered of the things he had thought to do once free. He took the flight and spread his wings wide, so to say. The wind was strong and steady. He had to find his way on his own. He had to identify his obstacles and overcome them. He was responsible for all the choices he would make. There was no one he could blame and curse for his actions and consequences. His direction was uncertain. He did not have his co-slaves to share his possible misfortune with. He felt fear; he felt responsibility; he felt a lack of supervision; he felt unsafe; he felt risk.

He was free, he thought. He could do anything he wanted. He wanted that comfort of knowing what to do; that lightness of not having to compete and fight for everything; that laziness of being instructed and led along; that feeling of being a helpless victim and not having things under control. He missed that predictability of things; he missed that feeling of hope of freedom; he missed that lack of accountability and surprise. He craved for the satisfaction of scheming with his co-slaves; he craved for the satisfaction which cursing and abusing the master brought; he craved for the relaxation which absence of competition and limitless options brought.

He was free, he thought. He could choose to do anything. He turned back to the direction from which he had come, towards the cage. He was free to choose slavery.

4 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Hey Lokesh!
    Nice write-up! You write good.
    I didn’t quite like the fact that the person chose to be a slave in the end though. But that does not make it any less true! People love the comfort of being slaves. Only few have the courage to fly out of the cage and reach for the skies.

    Well written anyways.

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