Raaz 3: Scary for all the wrong reasons

* 1/2

Vishesh Films

Vikram Bhatt

Bipasha Basu, Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta

Haunted, Dangerous Ishq and now Raaz 3- Vikram Bhatt can now indisputably be anointed the new star of the B-grade wave of Bollywood, which is dangerously making its presence feel more than ever before. Seriously, is it the same man who gave us the two most defining films of their respective genres – Kasoor and Raaz? Hard to believe, as all these films, and in increasing order give a somewhat cheap , B-grade feel, despite having some resourceful production houses at the helm of affairs.

The film disappoints to the extent of disgusting in almost every aspect. The basic premise of an actress using black magic to malign her co-actress and regain her lost stardom had potential on paper, but the downright silly story and screenplay totally ruin the experience. The plot is laden with such glaring loopholes that even a Class 5 kid would write a more logical plot. On losing her faith in God, our diva finds the devil casually sitting in a jhopad-patti , just like that, and he agrees to provide his services for her, just like that, and the director-lover agrees to join her evil plan just like that. (oh no, it was in exchange of some sex) People enter the world of spirits just like that, and the spirits sport rotten faces all with snails and blood fissures and all kitsch you could think of! The script has been shamelessly twisted to provide the serial kisser do his thing, and the women flaunt their assets more than their acting skills. As the director would have us believe, the only way to calm down a woman scared to death as she just saw a spirit beheading a man is to grope her, and shut up her mouth by putting yours on hers!  Talk about subtlety. The maker seems to be aiming to do a Kanti Shah. Add to this dialogues like ‘ Tumhe mere sath wo karna hoga jo ek zinda aurat ek zinda aadmi ke sath karti hai’ (Yes, it is that what you’re hoping it not to be! Seriously, Haunted, and now this, what is it with Vikram Bhatt and inter-spiritual sex!), you know you’ve landed yourself for some scary times, and all unintentional.

Scared were we? Oh yes, all the times, every time when one of the actors opened their mouth to speak those ghastly lines, or just to breathe, or just to die. And will somebody please explain this to Mr. Bhatt that 3D is much more than bricks flying out of screen, this being his single 3D shot in this third movie of his classic B-grade franchise!

Avoid, even if the spirits threaten to possess you!

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