Vicky Donor


Director:  Shoojit Sircar

Producer : John Abraham

Ayushman Khurana, Yami Gautam, Annu Kapoor, Dolly Ahluwalia, Kamlesh Gill

Wow, a pleasant surprise, this one, and in more than one way!

Bollywood is hardly known for presenting sex and associated topics in a dignified manner, leave alone justified. So when a movie is based on the taboo issue of sperm donation, it runs through the risk of either becoming a crude and insensitive attempt at sex comedy, or a preachy and boring social drama. Delightfully, Vicky ends up being neither, and only more. Infact a rare feat achieved by the movie is that despite the obvious sexual connotations and inevitable below-the-belt references, the film is undoubtedly a family entertainer! Or rather an adult family entertainer, if there is something like that. There is not a single cringing moment, or an off taste joke, in the entire script, for which the writing team deserves a hearty applaud.

The story is about a vella Delhi boy Vicky (Ayushman) who lives with his mother (Dolly Ahluwalia) and grandmom (Kamlesh Gil) and does nothing for a living except helping the mother in her beauty parlour. Until he is spotted by a on-a-mission-to-save-his-clinic fertility expert Dr. Chaddha (Annu Kapoor) , who for some reasons is convinced that Vicky has the best quality sperms. ( Shakal dekh ke aadmi ki sperm quality bata sakta hoon! ) After some initial reluctance, and hilarious sequences, Vicky finally agrees to do the gandaa kaam, and the story then follows the repercussions of his ‘job’ on his family, and the girl he loves and weds. Ashima (Yami Gautam). The story very beautifully meanders from being a comedy, to a rom-com to a family drama (in the ‘2 states’ genre) and a social drama towards the climax, equally entertaining in all the facets.

The movie boasts of some of the most interesting characters we’ve seen in a long time. Whether it’s the Punjabi saas-bahu jodi bonding over drinks, or the sperm crazy Dr Chadda, or the Bong family of the leading lady, all are a sheer delight to watch. Delhi comes totally alive in the characters, their lingo and the flashy lifestyle of Lajpat Nagar’s ‘’rafugee clony’’ (refugee colony). That they are performed by the actors with such conviction adds to the charm. Ayushman, already a known face, gets a dream silver screen debut, and makes the most of it. Though at times reminiscent of Ranveer Singh in Band Bajaa Baaraat, he holds is own and charms you effortlessly. Yamini Gautam, makes a confident debut too, and is impressive in her looks and has a certain grace and maturity in her performance, which reminds at times of Vidya Balan in her early days. No mean feat that! Annu kapoor’s sperm crazy doc act makes you wonder why this talented actor is not seen more often in our movies. And lastly, the 2 ladies, mummyji and biji, are the most endearing saas bahu you will ever see. The scenes between them are a sheer joy to watch.

The music is peppy and appropriate, devoid of any unnecessary hindrances, and even the item song of producer John Abraham appears in the end credits. ‘Pani da rang’ sung by  Ayushman himself brings a smile on face and joy in heart. Cinematography is apt, never overtly emphasizing on the city, yet making Delhi come alive as a part of the story.Though at a point,  you wonder how a strong independent woman like Ashima marries the guy without even knowing what he does for a living.Also, The editing could have been better though, cutting short the movie by some 15 mins in the end, when the drama begins to drag for a few moments, but by then you’re so immersed in the characters that you won’t complaint! Director Shoojit Sircar deserves a hearty applaud for dealing with the sensitive topic in a sensitive, and more importantly, entertaining manner.

Strongly recommended!

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