The Himachals – Day 5 and 6

We arrived at the Chandigarh bus station pretty early in the morning- 6 a.m. though our trip to the Himachal was over, but still we had time, so this union territory and capital of Punjab and Haryana was not to be left untouched. Most of the day( 20th May) was spent in sleeping and chit chatting at Arpit’s home. After so many days of travelling, it was a welcome change. We went out in evening to the city. And what a city! It completely justifies its reputation as the best planned city of India. The clean and wide roads, well managed traffic complete with signals and jam-free transport, proper parking spaces, proper division into sectors, sufficient greenery and whatever an ideal city requires. Having recently studied Transportation engineering I was glad to see that atleast somewhere the theory was being applied. Commendable! We went to the famous Rock Garden. Built by Nekchand, needless to tell, it is famous for its structures built of waste materials. Though the name is a bit misleading I would say, but situated in the middle of the jungle of concrete i.e. the city, it could have been a euphemism for the same. Nevertheless, it was interesting! The Sugna lake( did I spell it right?) was a nice picnic spot for the urban crowd, with a jogging track, restaurant, greenery and everything. Blurred outlines of the mountains were visible from the lakeside.  The night was marked by the Sindhi restaurant and the KFC with their yummy foods. And of course a wonderful night’s sleep!

Our last day, 21st began with ‘Kites’. Arpit had arranged the first day first show tickets of the movie for us and we were watching Hrithik and Barbara heat up the screen at 9: 30 in the morning. I personally enjoyed the movie, but with my often questioned taste in movies, I would not say anything further. That means the rest of the guys simply hated it.

So this officially marked the end of our trip, as after a brief stint at McDonald’s, Rajat and Shashank left for their homes via bus. Though there was still a surprise left for me. My train was in the night at 1:10 am, and in the evening I came with Sudeep to his Mamaji’s home. And thanks to him I went to a discotheque for the first time in my life. It was called latitude. Needless to say we had a great time dancing for a couple of hours. Chandigarh is simply fantabulous!

Not that I didn’t know earlier, but this trip confirmed again that my views and choices are very different and maybe weird, and that how life is so much fun with friends. Though each and every moment of the trip was memorable, there are some which will come to our minds first whenever we will think about this trip. My incessant falling, Rajat’s tattoo, Sudeep’s bargaining, Shashank’s slaps, our first snowfall, slipping in snow, skiing-between the Yak’s legs, the fainting cold in Rohtang, the foreigners of Macleodganj, Turkish trousers, my provogue sunglasses, ‘Ranjha Ranjha’ on the roads, and ofcourse  Arpit’s absence!

I was just thinking,These are the times when we construct those memories ourselves which we would love to cherish years later, and when we realize each others worth. As Joey would say it , these are the ‘Days of Our Lives’!

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