The Flame

It was a very peaceful process, to say the least.
Every human at some time in his/her life, imagines about death, how it must feel, what must be there beyond the life? But before the actual death, there is as much knowledge about it as is about the plan of aliens invading earth.
He felt very numb. That is, if he could still feel. A sort of stillness and calmness embraced him all around, sort of which he had always wished for in his life, but attained it only now, after his death.
He was dead.
A few moments of the ultimate silence followed. His whole existence or rather the impression of existence, was just an imprint of a lifetime he had just completed and was slowly leaving all of it behind.
He was at a different place, in a different world.
All around him was emptiness, an infinite existence of nothingness. To his front he could see (or rather understand) an abundance of golden light obscuring the glowing space behind it. The other side was submerged in dark clouds, which were there to hide the blackness that lay behind it.
Heaven and Hell. As if he always knew they were like this. He understood. Then he also did understand that the choice was not going to be his.
Still, out of his own accord, he moved towards the golden light. Next moment a voice beckons him.
‘’ Is this the path for you?’’
He felt as if the voice was coming from inside him though he knew it was coming from the menacing darkness beneath the clouds.
‘’ I have always been a noble man during my stay on earth’’, he thought.
‘’Sure you have’’, now the voice seemed to be coming from the golden mass of light.
‘’Nothing is hidden here. No secrets prevail after life. Your soul lays naked here ‘’, the darkness said.
‘’Heaven is for the one with a pure heart. A clean heart’’, the light said.
‘’I never harmed a living soul. Not on purpose’.’
‘’But your heart had darkness’’, said the darkness
‘’It was never free from evils’’ added the light.
‘’Did you not feel jealous of success of your friends over you?’’
‘’I can’t deny that,’’ he thought.
‘’Did you not feel proud and vain for being superior to some people?’’
‘’Sometimes…or often, I did’’.
‘’Did you never get angry and wished ill for your people?’’
‘’Nothing is hidden here, that’s true, I did.’’
‘’Did you never want to take revenge and cause pain to other living souls’’?
‘’The desire is inevitable!’’
‘’So when your heart had such negative energies, why shall you be given a place in heaven?’’ the darkness and light said in unison.
He had no answer. As he started drifting towards the darkness, he felt another voice, much stronger, and having a divine air to it, and coming from above him, above the Heaven and Hell.
‘’ Stay there, Son! Hell is not the place for you. Heavens shall be bestowed onto you.’’
‘’ My heart is not pure, it is dark.’’ He thought.
‘’The flame of light, always rises above the darkness. The darkness lies beneath the flame, but once it rises above, it is light, and not darkness.’’
‘’All of you, the mortals, have some darkness in you. The devil does not touch nobody. Great are those, who rise against the darkness, the evils and make the correct choices.’’
‘’ What matters is what you do, what you choose to be. Rather than being what you are, you can be what you choose to be. It’s your choices that matter rather than your qualities. You can choose to be good, you can choose to be bad. Those who are Good shall be blessed with Heaven and the rest shall lay in Hell.’’
‘’Yes, despite all the negative feelings in my heart, I never chose to work on them. I suppressed them, neglected them, and moved ahead. I chose to be Good.’’ He thought.
‘’Nothing is hidden from me’’, said God.
And he went ahead to be a part of the golden lights

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